About the Designer

Sharon’s seemingly overnight success as a designer was totally organic and completely unexpected. Perhaps it was always meant to be. From a young age, Sharon had a love for fashion and a very unique sense of style. She was further influenced by the success of her parents clothing business and her Mother’s boutique fashion line.

At Mom’s urging, Sharon took a baby step into the world of design, at first creating a few special pieces for her own personal enjoyment. People noticed and the response she got was overwhelming. In fact, she sold the first few pieces right off of her body. Within days, she was back at the design table creating unique new pieces, more inspired then ever.

Today Sharon’s Collection has grown considerably and is truly a diverse representation of her own unique style. Each piece represents a little part of her personality, her flare, her love for people and for life.

In addition to her exclusive line, Sharon works closely with several of the worlds most talented designers, collaborating on new pieces and hand selecting what she considers to be the “best of the best” from their already limited collections. To be sure, if it’s part of Sharon’s collection it’s because she loved it and she is sure that you will too. Her passionate pursuit of unique and stunning jewelry continues… “Ever since I was a little girl fashion has been such a huge part of my life…I would put on a ring or necklace and all of a sudden I felt this empowerment…its funny, as an adult I still get that feeling by putting on piece of beautiful jewelry”

-Sharon Lawson